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Christ Saves All,” a Book by George F. Howe, Ph.D.


        The book “Christ Saves All,” has a wrap-around cover by Ross Marshall illustrating the validity of John 12:32, which Christ said, “..when I am lifted up from the face of the earth, I will be drawing all people unto Myself.” It can be ordered via by entering “Christ Saves All George F. Howe” on Google ($5.95.)  The book begins with a prologue containing, among other things, answers to many of the questions raised by people when they consider TURA (The Ultimate Reconciliation of All).


        In the main section of the book are careful discussions of about 140 Old and New Testament Bible passages supporting TURA. The Bible sections have been translated literally and interpreted faithfully to display their real meaning.


        CSA also has a list covering 14 of the many helpful web sites dealing with Bible-based Christian universalism. There is another list of 56 books (new and old) providing support for evangelical universalism; all of these can be purchased on-line. There is a final section about the author, George F. Howe, Ph. D.



Articles by George F. Howe, Don Heirs, Joel Herndon and others.


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A Review of Love Wins

What God Wills, Happens


Unlimited Atonement


The Other Side of the Coin

Job Chapter 14 and the Ultimate Future

Job 17

Christ's work

Reconciliation As Described By Paul


Pray a Prayer that Always Gets God's
Affirmative Answer





Various short guest articles by Don Hiers


The teachings of Saint Gregory complied by Joel Herndon



God's Miracle

Written by Mary Evan Giles, at age 11

"The Earth is a wonderful place. With many places to go, sights to see, and people to meet, with flowers blooming, and birds chirping all of the time. You might think that there are some bad places but really that's not true. Because, God created it! He Himself made this miracle. Those things that are man-made are made by God too. Because, He created the men that made the man-made things on this earth. If it weren't for Him we wouldn't be here today, rejoicing in His miracle, God's miracle!"


Recommended books and writings

My brother-in-Christ, Travis Ogletree has written “Thesis on the Eons”. I recommend it to those of you who wish to study God’s plan for the ages. You may contact Travis at

If you wish to study Reconciliation in depth, I recommend “Is God Fair? What about Gandhi?” by Michael Riley and James William. You may order it from the AuthorHouse Bookstore. Click here!

Don Hiers, a long-time friend of mine wrote this for Veterans Day.  It is up now to honor all veterans year round!


“Veteran's Day...a thought for the day....


America is not at war. The U.S. Military is at war! America is at the mall; at a ball game; at the beach; at the county fair; at the country club. Thousands upon thousands of America's fighting men have paid the price for our freedom; for our jobs; for our leisure time.


Pray for our military and thank a veteran.”



Bruce Shelley: A Historian for the People


Saturday, February 20, 2010, Dr. Bruce Shelly died following a massive stroke on the 16th. Bruce was a retired Professor of History at the Denver Seminary.  Many thought of Bruce as a colleague or Professor, but he was my cousin, part of my family both physical and spiritual.


This link will take you to a touching tribute to the life and work of Bruce Shelly written by Dr. Scott Wenig!






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