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We must pray for our brothers and sisters serving Christ in Muslim nations.  They are facing very difficult times for the sake of Christ Jesus, our Lord.


Ken Allen's home page
Ken's site contains writings on Christ based Universal Christianity plus one of the larger, most inclusive Links pages on the Internet.

Biblical Restoration of Research Foundation/Restore all Things
Jim Strahan & Mike Meeker’s work on the site is very important. The work “is God Fair?” should be read by every Christian.

Callie Self Memorial Baptist Church
This is a loving local southern Baptist Church in Greenwood, SC led by Pastor Dustin Sims.

Catch The Fire Ministries
Pastor Daniel Nalliah has faced Satan and his reliance on Christ has been strengthened! Australia is a stronger nation due to this Christian Pastor’s trust in Christ Jesus! One can make a difference if that One is Christ Jesus!

Christian Study Homepage
If you prefer to read in Chinese this may be the study site for you. There are many study resources available on this site.
This Hong Kong based site is an excellent source for those who want to study in the Chinese Language.

Codger’s Cogitations
Dr Lane Lester’s Blog “reflections on Life and Faith” takes many turns. On his blog he offers a free ebook, “
Reasons to Affirm a Young Earth.

Doha Brethren Assembly
Doha Brethren Assembly (DBA) was formed more than three decades ago by a group of brothers who were eager to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth, according to the Biblical doctrines held very dear by the brethren community.

Cornerstone University
Comprehensive programs of study leading to a Bachelors, Master's or Doctorate in one of the following fields; Religious Education, Ministry, Theology, Church Administration, Christian Counseling, and Psychology.
Quality education doesn't cost, it pays! Our sole desire is to assist you in reaching your spiritual and educational potential. We do so in a way that meets both professional and academic standards.

Evolution Flunks Botany
George F. Howe and Mark H. Armitage are two botanists who are critical of all evolution theories and they think instead that Bible creation passages are scientifically accurate. Precise botanical details in science demonstrate God’s craftsmanship and show the various shortcomings of neo-Darwinian macroevolutionism.

Faith Home
A Christian Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Facility in Greenwood, SC that is remarkable in its presentation of Christ to the addicted.

First Baptist Church of Olivehurst
The first Baptist Church of Olivehurst, Ca is a lighthouse to the community! Pastor Miguel Jurna is a true Preacher of the Gospel!

Fresh Manna from the Throne of Grace
Kenneth & Dale Greatorex offer the Good News of God’s positive message of grace.


God Saves All
George F. Howe’s new site. It features articles on reconciliation, Plus George’s reconciliation hymns, sheet music, and MP3 audio (Jacob Merrill, arranger). Music is a vital part of Christian worship.

Good Seed Publications
Terry & Tykie Crisp
are not affiliated with any denomination, nor are they ambitious to acquire a following of their own. They are simply members of the body of Christ, who love the Lord, and who love the fellowship of His people!

Grace Evangel Fellowship
Bob and Jill Evely’s Church fellowship in Wilmore, KY.


He Sets Free
This is an important link to Muslims seeking the Truth about Christ Jesus.

Highland Baptist Church
1301 North Banks---Pampa, Texas 79065
The people at Highland strive to be a family that will gladly welcome you when you walk through the doors.

New Testament Ministries-Unlimited
An international ministry believing in the whole Bible as the Word of God and preach the old-fashioned Gospel without addition or modification.

Net Ministries
a wonderful mainstream Protestant resource!

Pakistan New Hope Denomination
The PNHD (Pakistan New Hope Denomination) has eight churches with 1,200 members and a theological institute in Pakistan, planting Churches and training Pastors-to-be for the new established churches and for the future mission ministry to mid-east region.

Palestinian Media Watch
This Web Site points to the anti-Israeli stance of many News sources and the truth about the Israeli-Muslim conflict! I suggest that you first visit the section about “rewriting history.”

Preach Him
Dr. Jim McCullen's site is perhaps the finest of its kind. Dr. Jim offers sermons, and links to several Bible Commentaries.
Clyde Pilkington, Jr has put together an interesting assortment of articles by several authors.

Reconciliation Bible Songs
George H. Howe is not only a Creation Scientist he is also a writer of songs.  He now brings us the scores for those of you looking for Bible Songs to use in Church and Bible study groups.

Salvation For You
Iran and Afghan language site for Muslims seeking to Study the Truth, Jesus Christ is Lord!

Gary and Michelle
Amirault’s site is filled with reconciliation teaching aids and Christian historical reference material including Gary’s video series.

The Bible For You
Dr. Manford George Gutzke’s Plain talk about Bible truth for everyday living.

Victory Pentecostal Church
Pastor David Achesa at Victory Pentecostal Church in Nairobi, Kenya teaches the basics of victory in Christ Jesus.

Wielding the Sword of the Spirit
Matthew McGee’s teachings on grace.


Prophecy Links

May God bless your studies of prophecy.


Prophecy Central

*My personal favorite

Focus on Jerusalem


Flow Chart


The End


Signs of the End


Heart of God Ministries International


The Hal Lindsey Report

Creation World View



Jewish     Messianic Links

Many think that Christian Zionism is false. Is it wrong to believe that Gentile Christians have been grafted into the Vine While Israeli Christians have been kept in the Vine? All who are Christ’s have their place in the New Heaven and the New Earth! We have a new home in the New Jerusalem!

Is it wrong to believe that Jews should have a homeland?

Absolutely not!





Mashiach Campaign


Sid Roth


Zola Levitt


The Temple Mount




The Watchman


Creation Links


Many years ago, I was a professional student.  During a mega-chemistry class at the University of KY, the Professor told the class that the electrons in the outer bands of an atom traveled at a faster rate of speed than those in the inner bands and had more energy. At the end of the class that day, I went to him and told him that his statements violated several laws of physics and were wrong. I gave him a lecture concerning the relative power of various electrons and the speed within the “orbits.”  He reminded me he had a PhD and I was a lowly undergrad student.  I told him not to believe me, but to go up to the second floor and speak to the physics Profs. I assured him that they would tell him the same thing.  To his credit, he did just that.  The Professor began the next class with an apology and an explanation that sounded quite similar to mine. 


I barely passed his class!  He was a good Professor, but I was a very poor student!


In espousing evolution, those that hold to that “theory” deny science.  Evolution is a theory.  The laws of biogenesis and thermodynamics are not theories. They are “laws”!


The Law of Biogenesis states that life arises only from life.


The second Law of thermodynamics concerns entropy.  In essence, it states that if left alone all natural systems run down, useable energy converts to unusable energy


Evolution states that things go from simple to complex.  The laws governing the universe state that things go from complex to simple.  Therefore evolution denies science.


Things run down! Entropy is entropy! Aside from that many facts defy evolution. If evolution was an ongoing process we could see it working today, but we cannot! Evolution is a flawed theory!


It is my opinion that all evolution scientists are frauds, and not worthy of the title scientist.  Many of them lie to their students because they have a vested interest in the continued teaching of the flawed evolutionary theory.  Their jobs and prestige demand that they lie to their students.  The rest are too ignorant to admit the truth.  That may seem harsh, but something must be done to bring an end to the teaching of a lie!


As I watched a program featuring a debate on creation v. evolution, it dawned on me that at the heart of the teaching of evolution is admitted ignorance.  All teachers of evolution must first admit that they are ignorant!  They have placed their faith in their personal ignorance.  They are paid by so-called institutions of “higher” learning based on the extent of their ignorance.  Faith in ignorance is a wonder.


For those of you who wish to further your studies of creation, I highly recommend the Sites listed below.


Evolution Flunks Botany
George F. Howe and Mark H. Armitage are two botanists who are critical of all evolution theories and they think instead that Bible creation passages are scientifically accurate. Precise botanical details in science demonstrate God’s craftsmanship and show the various shortcomings of neo-Darwinian macroevolutionism.


George F. Howe


Proof of Evolution


Creation Research Society


Answers in Genesis


Creation Ministries International


Creation Research, Science Education Foundation


Exploration Films


CORE research


Creation Evidence Museum


Reasons To Believe


Codger’s Cogitations